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  Many people think that arts (painting and music) do not directly improve people's life, so government should spend money on other important areas. Do you agree or disagree? (2012.07.28)

  这两道题非常近似。今天雅思写作题目的对立面是rather than 左右两边的scientific research 和research for less useful subjects;而7月28日的对立面是arts 和other important areas. 本质上前者的scientific research 对应后者other important areas的一部分; 前者的less useful subjects对应后者的arts. 类似的雅思写作题目还有2011.11.05和 2011.07.16

  除了主要部分的相似,今天的雅思写作题目也有细微的不同之处。同学们要特别注意postgraduate research,所有关于艺术和科学的讨论都要围绕postgraduate research来进行。



  第二段:1当然科学研究可以直接产生看得见的成果,如产品或技术,可以提高人民的生活水平;2科研的成果会提高生产力;3 医学研究提高大众健康水平和寿命





  1. underestimate 低估

  2. discipline 学科

  3. enrolment 入学

  4. anthropology 人类学

  5. philosophy 哲学

  6. comprehension= understanding

  7. range from…to… 范围从…到…

  8. carry their responsibility 担负…的责任

  9. emphasize 强调

  10. boom = prosper繁荣

  11. Tackle 解决

  12. empower 使人增强力量

  13. intangible 抽象的

  14. not necessarily 不一定

  15. solely = only 仅仅

  16. inspire 激励

  17. excel 出众

  18. make the best of 充分利用

  19. robust 有力量的

  20. enhance 增强

  21. channel 引导


  While the economy is booming in many countries, arts and social science postgraduate students are finding it more and more difficult to get scholarship or any other financial support. By contrast, more funds are favor to scientific areas. This leads to declining enrolment in arts and social science disciplines. The main reason is that some people overly emphasize economic benefits of scientific research, but underestimate the intangible roles of the arts, history, philosophy or anthropology and consider them less useful.


  It is a general practice in many countries that universities carry their responsibility of conducting research for the good of their community and sharing their results with the public. If we were to judge the value of a research by its material value, scientific research surely benefit people’s life more directly and visible than the arts. Such examples can range widely from medical breakthroughs which enhance human longevity and public health, to communication technology innovations which convenient the interaction between people and empower the mobility of individuals and businesses. Products, such as cars driven by solar energy, aimed at tackling environmental issues can make the earth a better place for us to live. However, the improved living standards do not necessarily increase the happiness of people as they are by nature emotionally connected to the world around them. That is to say the quality of life does not solely depend on materialism.


  Humans are emotional beings and need not only bread to eat but also roses to enjoy. It is the arts that deal with the non-material aspects of life such as passions, values and relationships which significantly influence people’s feelings and judgments. These are ultimately central to people’s behaviors. Another important benefit is that the arts inspire people to see their world from a personal point of view which is usually very unique and creative. And creativity and innovation is a crucial quality for an individual to excel in society and make the best of their life. Other values of the arts include relaxation and entertainment, safe way of channeling energy and passion, enhancing understanding between cultures and races. Social science leads people to reflect on human self and make a deeper comprehension of the society, helping make reasonable and positive decision for long-term issues.


  To conclude, research on the arts and social science are as important as science for humans, although they benefit us in different ways. To maintain a healthy and robust society, governments should offer equal financial support in all areas of society.


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